Marketing automation

Visual drip campaign builder

Our drip campaign builder helps you automate messages and actions across the customer lifecycle.

How it works

Choose your audience

Target the right customers with audiences based on our rich dataset or upload your own.

Compose your flow

Create flows that convert. 
Test and create again.

Send or schedule

Send your campaign when you want and how you want.

Build a custom flow

Target the right customer using the best flow

Whatson offers many tools to build smart drip down campaigns. With triggers, time delays and splits you will reach your audience when and how you want.

Build a custom flow

Create more tailored experiences splitting your audience

Add splits to optimize your message based on customer actions.

Build a custom flow

Get the timing right with delays

Sometimes all it takes is time. Plan your messages and follow ups the way you see fit.

Build a custom flow

Optimization made easy

Conduct A/B testing to simultaneously evaluate various channels and messages. Create as many tests as necessary and segment particular parts of your campaign.

How you can compose a flow


Specific actions or events that activate automated marketing campaigns and workflows, such as sending an email or updating a contact record.

Time delays

Specific periods of time, such as waiting a set amount of time before sending a follow-up email.

Audience splits

Divide a target audience into different groups, or segments, based on specific criteria such as demographics or behavior, in order to deliver targeted and personalized marketing messages.

A/B testing

Test different variations of marketing content or campaigns to determine which one performs better with an audience.

Publishing a campaign
Send how and when you want

Schedule to whenever you want

Select the exact time and date you want your campaign to be published.

Publish your campaign immediately

Publish your campaign right there so your audience gets content right away.

Send from multiple emails

Have emails that would be better suited sent from a different email address?

Start converting smarter

Improve your conversion rate with smart outreaches

Coming soon

Linkedin outreach

Send connection requests, visit profiles and start conversations from our platform for efficient and personalized outreach on LinkedIn.

AI response analysis

Segment, automate and distribute incoming responses with AI. Effortlessly manage incoming messages and improve your customer service experience.

Postal letter outreach

Personalize and send real-life letters with ease. Make your messages stand out and create a lasting impression that will leave a mark.

Whatsapp outreach

Connect with customers on WhatsApp, one of the most personal and widely-used channels. Improve your communication and strengthen relationships smoothly.

SMS outreach

Engage prospects on mobile with SMS outreach. Improve response rates and connect with customers on a personal level.

AI Channel Selection

Let Whatson AI analyze your audience to recommend the most effective channel for maximum reach and conversion rates.

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